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Do you need professional support for your press and public relations activities? You lack a clear strategy for your corporate communication? You need content for the wire to the outside? A wire to the outside at all? And the right channels for your message? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We help companies to show their profile

In the first step, we sit down together at a table and work out what makes your company special: What are the stories behind the foundation, development and future vision of the company? In which areas are you innovative, different, better? What kind of expertise is available?

Stemmermann – Text & PR brings a strong network of editors (trade, business and daily press) and multipliers into the work and helps you to formulate and communicate your stories and company news.

Communications strategy

Communications strategy

Good communication work requires knowledge of how the individual media tick and what content is in demand. We work with you on strategy, content and suitable communication channels (online and print).

Depending on your business model and your target group, we include what and who you can reach via social media platforms such as Xing, LinkedIn, X, Facebook and co.

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